One of Your Blessings

PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS PIECE! It is awesome! And I want you to know I count you as one of my blessings!!!


Old Couple by the Sea Artist Unknown

When the day draws nigh,

and your tired from the days woes

Come sit with me a while,

and let me ease your aches

As best I can,

For only heaven knows

When troubles come,

and answers tarry

When money is not enough,

to answer every task

Let not your heart stumble,

or your trust in me be wary

Allow me to share your life,

whether old or young we be,

And not just the good or bad,

but all that lies between

So that when you think upon your blessings,

That you may always count me as ONE

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Daydreaming is Mandatory

Come and learn the truth about why “Daydreaming Is Mandatory”



In a space, a moment, or a circumstance

Try though me might

To keep our focus intent

On the task at hand, we fail

Whether boredom, or the dullness of life

Our minds stray upon the musings

Of our hearts, and our minds

Even for a brief respite

We ask the question, “What if’?

Attempts at logical debate are futile

Amidst the galaxy of possibilities

And storylines beyond our comprehension

For an enchanted moment

We dream in our waking hours

And allow ourselves to hope

A promise to not settle

For either where we were

Or where we are now

That spark has encouraged us forward

And requires us to fan the flames

For we are not just mere creatures

Of steel, and stone, NAY!

But of love, creativity, and light

Therefore, Daydreaming is Mandatory

Don’t you agree?

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Stay Single

DO NOT MISS THIS if you are single or know someone who is. Please come read the inspiring piece – “Stay Single”.

Discovering Your Happiness

Hello loves, ❤

Stay single until you find someone who you don’t mind taking care of when they’re sick or sad. Someone who doesn’t have to be in a good mood for you to enjoy their company. You should like your person, even when they’re feeling off. Even when they had a horrible day and you have to comfort them. Even when they don’t feel like going out and would rather snuggle in bed.

Stay single until you find someone who appreciates your effort. Someone who notices how much you have done for them and lets you know they are thankful for it. Someone who doesn’t let your hard work go unnoticed. Someone who makes sure you feel like you are being acknowledged, because they would never want you to feel used, like you are being taken for granted.

Stay single until you find someone who will match your effort. Someone…

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The Little Black Notebook

Come read about John’s – “The Little Black Notebook”

John W. Leys


This little black notebook
Is almost full,
Each page covered in
Black ink scrawled verses and rhymes,
Drops of blood in the margins
Mixing with the ink as it dries.

An odd mixture of cursive and print
That would make any pharmacist
Scratch his head.

Memories and emotions,
Thoughts and despair.
Ideas and experiments,
Passions and Pain.
Captured forever by
A mystic binding spell
Of all nine muses.

Like all things
This notebook has an end.
Only so many pages in its binding,
Only so many things to be written.
But for every end there is a beginning,
And a new notebook to open.


My second poem for National Poetry Writing Month.

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