By Charles Robert Lindholm

He Left Her
With Her Heart
In Pieces On The Floor
Shattered In The Moment
He Said, “I Don’t Love You Anymore”

She Sat Alone In Darkness,
In Silence And With Tears
And Finally Found The Pieces
She Had Searched For Through The Years

She Rescued All The Pieces
Left Lying On The Floor
Her Heart’s No Longer Fragile
It’s Stronger Than Before


Time Has Worked It’s Magic
In The Way It Always Does
She’s Still Sweet, And She’s Still Tender
But She’s Even Better Than She Was

Tiny Pieces Have Now Become
Her Lifetime Work Of Art
Filled With Love And Joy
In Her Mosaic Heart

Copyright © 2018  Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

29 thoughts on “HER MOSAIC HEART

  1. So much excellent artistry in writing this evening. Am enjoying it all and looking forward to the next lemon cake with the candied basil topping. what a great community of writers!!!

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      1. Why thank you Anne! What a lovely comment for my words and I – they will love it! I’m happy you were able to relate – maybe sorry too, that this might have matched your experience – Bittersweet! You are so kind.

        Just a Little Ol’ Poet being curious but what made you want to go back and reread my poem? Just trying to research a little to find out what parts, feelings, topic, words reached out to your heart. Perhaps, you might enjoy a few excursions into my monthly Archives? So thrilled you came back to this a second time!!

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        1. It rang so true for me the first time, and having lived a great many years, I totally appreciate that we need to love ourselves first, which is clear in the end of the poem. I say love ourselves in the same vein as Jo Coudert in Advice from a Failure: “Of all the people you will know in your lifetime, you are the only one who you will never leave nor lose. To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution.” You captured this so totally well. Beautifully addressed, and I am keeping this saved on my computer and will go back and reread it when I need to address it with someone else. Thank you so kindly and keep on doing what you clearly do so well.

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          1. Again, Anne you are too kind, but I do deeply appreciate your feelings!! Loved the quote! Very inspiring. I am so honored that you are saving this to your computer and willing to share it. Please feel free to do so via reblog or email.
            Thanks again, My Dear!!

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            1. I will repost it on Facebook as I have a pretty decent readership there. My blog is artfulalchemy.blogspot.com, and I am in process of redesigning it after reading so many articles on how to improve it. My blog is primarily for physically challenged people as I serve as an advocate and activist for these people. I do have a book out, Artful Alchemy: Physically Challenged Fiber Artists Creating, and it is the culmination of a 10-year long experience starting and running a very small but very successful nonprofit, Fiberarts Connection of Southern California. We were three volunteers only with no money to run it, but we found ways to help such fiber artists get exposure for their work that made sense financially and otherwise for them, and to teach them professional development since it was often difficult if not impossible to get out and take the courses or get the experience needed. There are 23 women who have written in our book, and they have a variety of physical challenges that the public needs to be educated about. Many of them are internationally famous now and all of them have achieved a lot despite some pretty severe challenges. Sadly, a couple of them passed on before the book came out, but at least it will be a nice memory. You can obtain a free Ebook copy from Smashword if you would enjoy reading it. You just state that you will pay ) for the price (it is humorous, for you can name your price. We have a paperback version too, so not to worry and that is published by Create Space and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishers. I have another one, a pumpkin cookbook with folklore, history, growing hints, and just about everything you can imagine plus photos of pumpkin quilts and other things that are related to pumpkins, and it is currently in revision for the Third Edition. Anyway, thank you so kindly and I am definitely excited about helping you to promote your work as much as I am able. I really LOVE it. Do include me in any further works you might put out. Peace and many blessings, Anne

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    1. You are always too sweet to me, My Dear!! But my words don’t mind! They are addicted to sweetness! Yes, I liked how this came together and that she was better off afterwards, too. It’s so hard to see that we are better off until later?

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    1. Thank you, Miriam!! I so appreciate your view/comment! Yes, your comment is right on. We learn from our mistakes, pain and choices and are wiser and stronger, for sure!

      Thanks so much for following my blog!!! I am very honored and hope you will find my words worthy of your precious time!!

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    1. Why, thank you so much for your visit from Eugenia’s blog! It was so kind of her to share this with her followers! She is such a great writer! I so appreciate your lovely comments! Yes, you are so right about the heart! Very tricky! I did love the transition from heartache to healing! Thanks so much for your view and comment!!


    1. Thank you so much, Valerie!!! So happy you enjoyed it! They say, broken bones heal stronger than they were at first. I think that is true for broken hearts too! You make me smile to know you are looking at old dusty works! I do so appreciate it, and so do my words!!

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