Disappointments Are An Unavoidable Part Of Life

Let “Disappointments Are An Unavoidable Part Of Life” help you see things differently and bring more peace into your life!

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I am slowly learning that even if I learn how to take care of myself, even if I act strong and independent, I will always suffer from a certain amount of powerlessness. I cannot control everything. There are times when I have to rely on outside forces and those forces can easily screw me over.

I am slowly learning that, sometimes, the worst things happen to the best people. The people who have worked their asses off to get where they are today. The people who would never hurt another living soul. The people who deserve more than the bullshit hand they have been dealt.

I am slowly learning that it takes years to build a strong relationship or a successful career or a loving household, but all of that can be torn apart in a matter of seconds. It takes much more energy to create than…

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4 thoughts on “Disappointments Are An Unavoidable Part Of Life

  1. Such valuable lessons, each one… And so easy to grasp ever so briefly and assume understanding, only to find that it takes time to truly learn and apply them – often a disappointment at first, but an opportunity if accepted.

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