Just don’t forget how to be happy… | mteodoraa

DO NOT MISS – this beautiful, though extended read. I think you will find “Don’t Forget How To Be Happy” worthy of your time.

Manić Teodora

One day you’ll wake up

You’ll look around

And everything you’ll see

Will be the sun’s rays in the early spring

There will be a room that you have decored with love

You’ll see pictures on the walls

On which the smiles are preserved,

The most beautiful memories are captured,

A lot of love and people

Who may not be there anymore

But at that moment, they will be there

More than they ever were

And you will turn your head gently

And look at the other side of the bed

And there, you will see one being is sleeping peacefully

Knowing he was loved

And you’ll see how one life begins

When the other one comes to an end

And you’ll see how good it is when you’re not alone

And when you don’t give up

And at those moments

In the early mornings

The smell of first…

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