Glad We Met

As a beloved follower I want you to know I’m – “Glad We Met”!!! Please come read this post!

Rambles of a Poethead

Even if we aren’t that close anymore, or we might not even talk; just always know I am so glad I met you. They say “What do you think would happen if you just didn’t meet that one person?” Your whole life situation could be different, you could be happier, or worse. You never know. But I do know, I won’t ever question our first meeting. I will never question the bond we had, used to have, maybe still might have. There is also another saying “Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?” I really wish I had that choice because I would love to meet you and start all over again. However, the main point here is that I really hope you know how glad I am that I met you.
-Late Night thoughts

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Life Long Affair

Come enjoy this beautiful post about an affair with poetry in Braeden’s “Life Long Affair”

Invincible Verses

I will acknowledge

that I had an affair

I love metaphors

creating imaginary worlds

A written tapestry

Seduced by alliteration

I had an affair

with the craft of language

I’m enthralled by

the layers and symbolism

I’m engaged

to a place to release my tension

I’m in a atmosphere

where I’m understood

I’m in a whirlwind

where I’m forever lost

I’m pulled in

by the legacy of poets

Desiring to fulfill

a long winded fantasy

The affair will continue….

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Just don’t forget how to be happy… | mteodoraa

DO NOT MISS – this beautiful, though extended read. I think you will find “Don’t Forget How To Be Happy” worthy of your time.

Manić Teodora

One day you’ll wake up

You’ll look around

And everything you’ll see

Will be the sun’s rays in the early spring

There will be a room that you have decored with love

You’ll see pictures on the walls

On which the smiles are preserved,

The most beautiful memories are captured,

A lot of love and people

Who may not be there anymore

But at that moment, they will be there

More than they ever were

And you will turn your head gently

And look at the other side of the bed

And there, you will see one being is sleeping peacefully

Knowing he was loved

And you’ll see how one life begins

When the other one comes to an end

And you’ll see how good it is when you’re not alone

And when you don’t give up

And at those moments

In the early mornings

The smell of first…

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Come read this romantic post on what make – “Home”! Please explore Penny’s Archive.

Penny Wilson Writes

Words unneeded.

Touch, speaks.

Arms pull me

to safety.

Your heartbeat

under my ear,

I am home.

Lost in


A world of

our making.

Our world.

Our home.

Copyright (C) 2018 Penny Wilson

*Day 4 of my Post-A-Day 🙂

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Rule breaker

Come learn about thinking outside the box as a poet in – “Rule Breaker”.

Her Writing Haven

fieldI grew up believing
That poems needed to rhyme
Without rhythm and stanzas
I was perhaps committing a crime

Then one unexpected day
I began not to care
Looking through the window
I was lost in an intent stare

And I realized in that moment
That the rules didn’t have to exist
Even though scholarly persons
Did often persist

I began feeling the pull
To write whatever I wanted
No matter the amount of lines
I couldn’t allow myself to be stunted

So without losing another moment
I began this journey of writing
I gathered my pen and paper
And decided to write something exciting

Each day I became more eager
Than the day that came before
Because now I was participating
In something I truly adored

Nobody could tell me
I was doing it all wrong
For the words flooded my soul
Like an old forgotten song

And I…

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