By Charles Robert Lindholm

She Lies Alone At Night
In Their Old Four Poster Bed
Lost In Dreams Of Yesterdays
And The Life Of Love They Led

Her Life Is Filled With Happiness
From All The Things She Does
She Doesn’t Linger In The Past
Though She Loves The Way It Was

Two Hearts That Always Beat As One
When They Held Each Other Tight
Drifting Off To Dreamland
In The Wee, Hours Of The Night

Her Fingers Twirl The Ring He Gave Her
On The Day They Said, “I Do”.
And Like A Goodnight Prayer She Whispers,
“I Still Dream Of You!”

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm РAll Rights Reserved

7 thoughts on “I STILL DREAM OF YOU

      1. It is written so well I am sure it gives joy to all readers. Sometimes we are so caught up with the business of day to day living that taking time out to read and enjoy poetry requires an effort… but let me tell you it has been a pleasure to read your poems.


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