Please vote: I’m a scholarship finalist!

Come support our WordPress Friend Elle! She is a World Wide Top 20 Finalist in Crosslite’s Scholarship Essay Contest – Come read her essay and
give her your vote – Let’s support our young talented writers from!!!!


Hi everyone!

I hope you don’t mind me using my platform to reach out to you, please forgive me, buuuut…..
I’m a scholarship finalist for my essay on Crosslites! I’m a Top 20 finalist worldwide!! First prize is $4 000 for the best essay between 400-600 words.
The voting is a vital part of the process, and you’re able to every few hours, everyday. One vote on your phone data and one on your wifi connection are considered two separate votes!
My essay is about perseverance in times of adversity, and how I swear to be the face for women everywhere, to support each other, to be there for our mothers, and be our own role models in a time of gender inequality, regardless of country.
Voting takes one click–no sign up–at the bottom of the page that I have linked. No spam, no asking for emails. I promise…

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