12 thoughts on “RAINBOWS

  1. rainbows are so beautiful and I love how you write the lines leading to a fnale of love from the sun, such a warm delight, your words are just like being warmed by the sun after a cold dreary night.

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    1. My Dear Gina, You are too kind but my words do love it when I read what you write to them! They get all bashful and giggle!

      There is something about a rainbow that is inspiring to the soul isn’t there?? Maybe the colors and the formation or the symbolic promise? It just inspires awe. I do love how you get what I write. See, it happens to you too. You almost started a little poem with your last line. Hey, why not run with that and see what your little seed of inspiration blooms into?? Something Beautiful for sure!!! I can close my eyes and imagine that so well. And I love that feeling too! You just made my day!!!

      Warm Sunshine and Smiles,

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