Small Things

Come read this great post about the pace of life and the functioning of our families into today’s fast paced life.

J.A.’s post was the inspiration for my “Fly By” – I loved her line – Sometimes I look at my family and marvel at how fast life moves.
Come see if you can relate???

J. A. Allen

Tonight I’m making a roast.

I work four nights a week. While the hellions are in school I edit Old Souls, which means the nights and weekends I do get to spend with the boys are typically quite busy. 68d87662123424c6b65f8fa98cdb0b02Meals are rushed. There is homework to contend with, chores to be doled out, and music lessons to practice between futsal, basketball, and physiotherapy appointments for the youngest hellion’s clubfoot, which has recently begun to turn back in as his quickly growing bones seem to be growing a little too quickly for his muscles to keep up.

*takes deep breath*

Sometimes I look at my family and marvel at how fast life moves.

My husband and I often pass like two ships in the night: occasionally able to enjoy each other’s company in the workings of everyday life, but usually high-fiving at the door for “shift change.” We exchange texts and…

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2 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. I can relate to the ships passing in the night thing, though for me it’s firmly in the past. I’ll post a poem I wrote for you tomorrow. Look out for Weather House Romance. It’s about just this. ‘When you are out, I am in. We’re never in together.’

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