By Charles Robert Lindholm

The Days
And Years
Fly By
Than We Think

Time Seems
To Trudge
Along For So Long
Until It Doesn’t

And We Look
Back And Feel
Life Has Been
On Fast Forward

Precious Moments,
Tender Years,
Fly By
While We
Attend To Reality
Around Us

Like The Old
Stage Act
With The Man
Spinning Plates
On Thin Poles
Trying To Keep
Any One Of Many
From Falling
And Breaking
Into Pieces

A Marriage
A Newborn
A New Job
A New House
Another Child
School Work
And Events
And More Chores

And Then The Graduations
Start To Come
And Soon You Have
An Empty Nest

But Then The Family
Expands With Grandkids
And The Days
And Years
Still Fly By

It’s Best If We Learn
Early To Smell The Roses,
Treasure Those Fleeting,
Precious Moments
When They Come

For Some Are Not
As Blessed
And The Candle In The Wind
That We All Are
Is Prematurely
Blown Out

And The Days
And Years
That Fly By
For Us,
Have Stopped
For Others,
As They Will
For Us All

Make Sure
Every Parting
And Every Return
Of Your Beloved
And Your Children
And Grandchildren
Is A Precious Event
And That You Never
Forget To Say
“I Love You”
Whenever You Can

Copyright ยฉ 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Credit To – J.A. Allen And Her Great Post – “Small Things” On Her Blog – J.A. Allen – Scribbles On Cocktail Napkins.ย  Please visit – J.A. Allen’s blog!


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