Arch #writephoto

Come and let Kim lead you into the still and silence of the Citadel in her masterful piece “Arch”!!


My response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt ‘Arch.’

She walked with awe in this most magnificent citadel.  A still and silent place.

A pensive temple where lofty pillars lifted her spirits to mix with those of the ancient bards and heroes whose ghosts found sanctuary in these arcane hallways.

She felt safe within the walls of this primeval fortress, where light and shadows reposed in harmony.  Here she was protected from the harsh realities of the life that she knew awaited her beyond the arch.

Would she ever again have the opportunity to escape to the comforting cocoon provided by these walls?  Or would she be imprisoned in the cold mansion home of her future husband; twenty-five years her senior and whom she had met for the first time yesterday?


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