Killer Bee.

Come and enjoy this delightful piece “Killer Bee”

What's Inside a Madman's Hat?


Trapped between the curtains and glass

you can feel remorse for this honey bee,

earlier he did nothing but glance and pass

at no time was there a sign he’d hurt thee.

Funny how something the size of an acorn

can bring a grown man to his knees,

it’s really nothing more than a flying thorn,

you could pinch it in a tissue with ease.

Sure, if you’re allergic it could kill you

but the same could also go for a peanut,

leave him alone if you don’t want him to,

maybe next time you’ll keep the door shut.

So don’t kill the lil’ guy who’s just buzzing by

and happened to admire your flowers,

all because you’re embarrassed by how,

you’ve been screaming and flailing for hours.

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