By Charles Robert Lindholm

I’m Not Really Sure
Why It Is You Love Me

I Know The Reasons
You’ve Told Me
And I Believe Them
Because I Trust,
You Would Never Lie To Me

But I Look In The Mirror
And Take Strolls
Down Memory Lane
And See Things
That You Have Not Seen
Or Have Overlooked
And I Wonder

It Isn’t Quite Clear To Me
And Some Times
The Unknown
And The Mystery Of Things
Makes Me A Little Uneasy

But I Know Of Forgiveness
And Faith And Hope
And When I See
The Sparkle In Your Eyes
I Believe In Angels

And When I’m Done
With Wondering Why
I Realize That Sometimes
Peace Can Be Found
In The Simple Acceptance
Of What Is

And The Question Why
Doesn’t Always Have To Be
Sometimes It’s Better
If You Don’t Understand
And Just Let It Be A Mystery!

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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