Have you had a proper “Burial” for your unfulfilled dreams?


This is not a dirge for my shattered dreams,

Nor a lament for my unrealised wishes,

I just want to finally bury, my callow fantasies,

That spurred me on my onward journey.

Youth painted a spangled vision

With warm and vibrant hues.

Reality dulled the colours and the spangles proved tacky,

Dashing to smithereens some of my hopes.

Heartbroken and at times teary-eyed,

I gathered all the broken shards

And kept them in safekeeping

As mementos of my youthful past,

Of innocence lost and

Of hard knocks life mete out to me.

I don’t rue the unfulfilled dreams

For not all dreams can come true,

But it crushed my idealism, romanticism and my naivety,

That was the bedrock of all my aspirations.

I am older now and hopefully wiser,

I realise the futility of carrying this burden.

So, I have decided to give a decent burial

To dreams that could…

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2 thoughts on “Burial

  1. Thank you so much, Charlotte! I am so happy that you enjoy my words! A poet’s dream!

    Thanks so much for following me! You might want to try the sampler of the “The Best of 2017”??
    I am glad that you find my poems worthy of your precious time!


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