By Charles Robert Lindholm

I didn’t notice
him walk
into the restroom

I was talking
to My Mother-in-Law
outside the restrooms
when I decided
I should go too

I opened
the door
and walked
over to a stall

I settled down
and looked down
at my flip flops
my toe ring

When suddenly
I heard my husband,
“Honey, is that you?”

I think I let out
a little scream
left the stall
and shot
through the door
that was
My Door!

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

My wife has a lovely toe ring!

14 thoughts on “NOT MY DOOR

  1. 😀 Yes, best to check the door! 😮

    I once used the completely opposite/wrong bathroom! Ha, I found myself in the men’s room at Disneyland. Long story! 😛

    HUGS!!! 🙂


        1. Yeah, this one is real! Usually they position the urinals so they are visible when you enter but this time, not! This really shocked me to see painted toenails and flip flops but when I saw the toe ring I instinctively asked, “Honey, is that You”. We still laugh about it. I will be sure and tell her she is not the only one in that boat!

          Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your experience too! Ha!

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