The Night I Heard the News

Come share John’s beautiful and heartfelt “The Night I Heard The News”

John W. Leys


For Karen S. Leys (1952-2018)

And then
You were gone.
A spark of anger
That I missed the chance
To see you one last time.
And then the reality…
Out into the night,
Cool air on my face,
Walking with no destination,
Thinking, processing the news.

Collapsing into the arms of family,
Gripped by siezures of grief.
You’ve gone
Where I cannot follow.
Gone, never to return.

They tell me you’ve gone
To a better place,
But what place could be better
Than one in which we’re together?



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7 thoughts on “The Night I Heard the News

  1. I don’t know John, but I will stop by his blog and let him know that people care.
    Reading his words, and his feelings weaved in the words lets me know his mother must have been a wonderful woman. A love that is so beautiful.

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