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I support the 2nd amendment right to own guns, but the AR-15 assualt rifle is a weapon of mass destruction, a weapon of war that civilians don’t need and shouldn’t have.  The machine gun is illegal.  Yelling fire in a theater is not protected under the 1st amendment right to free speech.

There are limits to certain rights under certain circumstances and having a ban on the AR-15 assault rifle should be one of those exceptions.  You don’t need one to hunt.  The Supreme Court has ruled that the right to own a gun can have restrictions placed upon it!!

The right to life should “trump” the right of someone to be able to kill over 30 people a minute in a civilized society!  Just my opinion!  

5 thoughts on “HAIKU: IT’S THE GUN – STUPID!

  1. Oh so true. In Australia it is illegal to own semi automatic weapons and firearms are restricted. We have not had a massacre since this law was instated. Coincidence? I don’t think so . Simple really.


  2. So true Chuck, anyone with the need for an assault rifle should be looked at askew. Here we have this 19 year old who by our present law guns can purchase an AR15 but not a handgun. Where is the sense in this…he can’t even buy a beer yet.

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    1. Oh, My Dear Holly!! You are being way too logical for those who have an emotional relationship with assault rifles. An AR-15 is a weapon of war. There is no justification to allow them for anyone. And then to your excellent point to allow them into the hands of someone under 21 is really insane.

      I get frustrated with all the talk! No one wants to hear the truth about how to get rid of assault weapons – Find who is preventing the passage of an assault rifle ban and vote them out of office. Plan and simple but it’s messy politically. I vote for saving more lives. How can parents support assault rifles in any country???

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      1. It’s clear the resistance is a result of massive amounts amount of money from gun lobbyist an the NRA to our Congressmen. Money before country, that is the new credo. I have hope in these young people, soon they will be able to vote.


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