By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Look Back
At The Us
That Used
To Be

Am No Longer
Sad, Hurt
Or In Pain

Came To An

Has Worked
It’s Magic
In A Way
I Never
It Could

Has Healed
The Wounds
But The
Scars Remain
As Badges
Of Honor
For Me

They Remind Me
That You Gave Up
On Us
And Walked Away
When I Would Have
Never Given Up
On You
Or Us

The Truth
But Finally
Set Me

Copyright © Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

13 thoughts on “BADGES OF HONOR

    1. That is true and those “lessons” we get taught can have a steep tuition too! But like you say, it makes us better, wiser, more careful and more grateful when things go well? You made me go back and read this again and yes it came back from the dark days as a driftwood memory. But hey, those days drove me into poetry in a life changing way so I’ll were my badges and be glad!

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