A Stupid Man

Come and read Frank’s delightful and wise “A Stupid Man”

Frank Solanki

I met a stupid man today
Full of ego and pride
I tried to avoid him but
He wouldn’t leave my side
He kept staring back at me
With a curious look
Like I was some petty thief
A demon or a crook
I asked him the reason why
But he just wouldn’t say
He asked me the same thing
It continued all day
Then he began arguing
Shouting at me
So I screamed back at him
With no mercy
The argument came to a point
Things went out of place
Things soon became heated
I punched him in the face
It only hurt my knuckles
It’s still bleeding a lot
He was too sharp for me
I hit the wrong spot
I won’t be seeing him again
No stupidity anymore
I’d buy myself a new mirror
Old lays broken on the floor

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