By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Know
I’m Not
The Only One,
Who Loves Him
Like I Do

But I Wish It
Could Be True   

Sharing Isn’t
I Really Like
To Do

There Are Others
Plays With
My Emotions

I Hate It
That He Leaves Me
To Be With
Other Oceans

It Makes Me
Wild And Crazy
And Sometimes
I Lose Control

But Then He Comes,
To Calm Me
With Whisperings
To My Soul

He Knows
Just How
To Love Me
And He Knows
I Can’t Resist

As I Lie Along
The Shoreline
In Passion’s
Daily Tryst

He Knows I’m
Always Waiting
For The Next Time
I’ll Be Kissed,
By Him

For The
Man In The Moon
Will Always Be
My Lover
Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

12 thoughts on “HE LEAVES ME

    1. Ahh, My Dear!! I cannot tell You how much I Love You for going through all of my older poems and spending time with my words!! I am honored and blessed to have such an avid follower as You! I am so grateful for you spending your precious time with my words! An Awesome and Beautiful Gift, Sweet K!!


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