An Untold Love Story

Do you have a secret love story hidden in your heart? Come read “An Unspoken Love Story”.

Peek a boo


Some stories are beautiful if they are unsaid

because they meant to be unsaid.

Nobody will know what had happened to us

just like unspoken words.

The pain we have suffered,

The tears we have shed,

The moments we have spent,

The love we have made,

The life we have shared,

Everything will go with us

And our love story will die with us!

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Writing Poetry

Come and see if Dwight’s “Writing Poetry” is the way you do it!

Roth Poetry


I wrote this quadrille this morning, before I knew what our prompt of the day would be on d’Verse. Bjorn suggested that we look at silence in the poetic line and the different ways of marking those breaks.  It is know as Caesura, the breathe of the poem. It includes standard punctuation as well as other markings. I went back and put in the silent spaces and pauses in my poem. This is my first attempt at this, so I hope it is what is expected.

Writing Poetry 

My words // chosen carefully…

Like stepping on wet rocks

crossing a stream.

Hoping this one // will sustain me

to the next.

I am not interested in a big splash!

Simply making it across

One solid word at a time

Reaching my desired destination.


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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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