The Road Not Taken – Poem by Robert Frost

Come read Miriam’s post on my favorite poet and his best loved poem!

The Showers of Blessings


The phrases of “the road not taken,” or “the road less traveled” seem to evoke deep thinking, soul searching, or nostalgic feelings.

Who coined the phrases “the road not taken” or “the road less traveled?” I always wonder. They surely cause me to ponder upon several crossroads in my life, and how I determined my choices.

The poetry class I am taking was assigned to read the poems by Robert Frost. I looked through the poems, and my heart was drawn back to “The Road Not Taken” many times. During the class, I was hoping no one else ahead of me chose to read the same poem.

“Oh good, they all chose other poems!” It was my turn to read. I made an introduction by saying that, this poem induced a lot of thinking about the decisions I have made in my life. When I read the last two lines…

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3 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken – Poem by Robert Frost

  1. My favourite poet and poem too! I am currently working on a piece about ‘the road not taken’ … I still remember the first time I read this poem aloud when I was a teenager in the tenth grade bringing our favourite poem to class – how nervous and excited I was!

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    1. Hi Carla, how cool!! I’m guessing there are more of us than just you, me and Miriam! Ha! This poem has held me enthralled my whole life. I love to sit in the car at a really long stop light and recite it. It really amazes me how many people know and love this poem. I was so happy Miriam posted this!

      Thanks so much for commenting and viewing and visiting my site!!

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