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Roth Poetry

Image0026What is a Book?

Will someone ask in 2616

What’s this odd thing I found in a bin…

Packed full of paper and covered with words?

Who would save this // how absurd

Archeologists say it looks like a book

Haven’t seen one of those // I never had a look

What a cumbersome stack of papers!

Reading through that would give me the vapors.

All this could be stored on the point of a pin

A chip so small and so very thin

They say there were buildings full of these things…

Called them libraries and invited folks in

To sit down and read the print on the page

And check out books it was quite the rage!

If they took it out and didn’t bring it back

A fine was charged to remind them of that.

Can’t imagine ever reading a book

Can you imagine how much time that took!!

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Why Do I Write?

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Jerry Brotherton

Why do I write?

There was a time when the words flowed from my hand and dropped onto the paper with ease. In those days long ago I walked with Kings and Gods and we talked of love, war, happiness and sorrow. I shared my dreams with you and could make you laugh or cry with the press of my pen. I scattered my words into the rain so that you might feel the mud between your toes as you ran barefoot through the puddles. I showed you where to find golden trees that glittered with a thousand lights. I could share with you a sunrise that splashed orange marmalade and pink chiffon onto a deep blue canvas. With the ink from my soul, I tattooed my stories into your thoughts.

But I left the muse of my youth behind as life pushed away the youthful dreams and parked it’s…

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The Road Not Taken – Poem by Robert Frost

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The Showers of Blessings


The phrases of “the road not taken,” or “the road less traveled” seem to evoke deep thinking, soul searching, or nostalgic feelings.

Who coined the phrases “the road not taken” or “the road less traveled?” I always wonder. They surely cause me to ponder upon several crossroads in my life, and how I determined my choices.

The poetry class I am taking was assigned to read the poems by Robert Frost. I looked through the poems, and my heart was drawn back to “The Road Not Taken” many times. During the class, I was hoping no one else ahead of me chose to read the same poem.

“Oh good, they all chose other poems!” It was my turn to read. I made an introduction by saying that, this poem induced a lot of thinking about the decisions I have made in my life. When I read the last two lines…

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