By Charles Robert Lindholm

I don’t know who I am yet
for I have not faced the darkest night
nor heard the howling demons
that hunger for my soul

I have not felt the razors edge
nor heard the wooing whispers
tempting me to use it
to let my blood be
the ink of my final poem

I cannot know what you know
what you have felt
I have not been to where
you have been

I don’t know who I am yet
am I strong enough?
am I brave enough?
to be a warrior

Am I unworthy
because I don’t know
the depths of your darkness
and I have doubts
and I wonder?

I have seen You
in the sunshine
filled with childish glee
I have felt the warmth of your heart
and your joy when you’re with me  
I have heard the whispered yearnings
of your soul longing to be free

I have felt the passions burning
as our bodies intertwine
and the rush of oneness
that my words cannot define

I have seen you in the sunshine
I have seen you in the light
I have seen the you, you want to be
and it makes me want to fight
for you, for us

I have loved you in the sunshine
I will not leave you in the night
in the darkness with the demons
I will stay and we will fight, for you

I may not be a warrior
I may be faint of heart
but I love you more than anything
and I will not run away

I do not know who I am yet
and I may not be brave enough
or strong enough, yet
but I will stay and I will fight
for you and for us
because I Love you

I am untried
I am untested
I may be unworthy
but I am sitting here
with you in the darkness
in the silence of the night
in your now
accepting of the past
hopeful of the future
loving all of you
if you will, let me

Will you let me
love you?

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved 

This is dedicated to all of those, including ourselves, who have had to sit in the darkness alone to face the doubts and demons of life.  And to those who have been willing to sit with another in the darkness as a friend, family member or loved one, even when they doubted their own strength, courage, endurance or ability to be brave.

God bless those who we love, and God bless us with the power and desire to love as well!!
The Reluctant Poet

26 thoughts on “WILL YOU LET ME LOVE YOU?

  1. Beautiful written , you and your doubting , you should’nt
    It makes you You…
    Tottaly understanding the words And Its been Beautiful put down !

    Barriers are there to move to a acceptabel boarder
    Cross and taste life …


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    1. I am so very happy this reached out to you, My Dear! A poet can’t really ask for more of a joy or reward than your sweet comment! I so appreciate your views and comments!! Hope you have been having a Happy Weekend!!

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  2. Beautiful poem and such a heartwarming thought to be with your loved ones through thick and thin.
    I think it goes beyond the conventional meaning of love between lovers but its meant for everyone we love in our lives and want to be them in their moment of darkness. Just a thought.

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    1. Thank you, My Dear! Your comment makes me so happy! I’m happy that you found the truth here. That action speaks more to True Love than just an “I love you”. How much more trust do you have in the confessed love of another than to have them go through “Thick and Thin” with you?? I love your thoughts!!!!!

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    1. My Dear Gina, I am so happy to know that this hit home with your soul! I know what you mean about having someone who can sit in the darkness, silence and sadness with you and be there to battle through with you. It does mean more than an “I love You” because it is True Love in action, something that is made visible and you can believe in!

      I am so happy, humbled and honored by your lovely comment! You know how much your words mean to me!! So glad this moved you!!! And my words are so joyous that you have come back to them!!

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      1. slowly coming back to a more regular blogging time and reading Charles. your poetry is very tender and touches me deeply, I love the simple beauty of words from a heart that knows love and heartbreak. yes action is always better than words, but words are just as important for us to hear.

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        1. Dear Gina,
          Your words are always so kind and tender in your comments and I so love the wisdom of your words too. You are so right that words are just as important too – a reassurance and promise of future action, loyalty and trust! We do need both, don’t we?

          I am so very happy that my words whisper to you and can touch your heart!! I guess I always write with a subconscious goal of making “The Journal”!!!!

          My words are celebrating your return with a party!


          1. You know more than one of your poems have made “The Journal” and I am guilty of secretly writing some without your knowledge, forgive my greedy fingers!

            I love a party and am so happy to rejoice with you too.

            Trust is ever so important, I think I am totally ok with no promises, I will take respect and sincere friendship as a good foundation for a relationship.

            you have a lovely weekend Charles.

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          2. So Sorry I missed this comment before now!! Bad on me!

            Gina, I am overjoyed to know that “more than one” of my poems have made your Journal!!! You’ve made my month, My Dear!!

            You’ll never be “guilty” to me, for you would never, ever be charged with anything but sweet tenderness, caring and being a “Treasured, Friend and Kindred Spirit”!!! Nothing wrong with that in my book! I will leave your heart to do what it has such a talent for – using and knowing the meaning of words painted and what is unsaid in the shadows next to the colors as well. I so love that about you and that you lay things between the lines and shadows for thought and appreciation too! The mark of a Master, to be sure!

            Well, I’m happy to inform you that your words were the hit of my words party and they loved “cavorting”! I was just happy to be on the sidelines and watch.

            Thank you, so much for being an Angel at The Cafe! It would not survive without you, Gina!
            I hope your weekend has been a joyous one, My Dear!!


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