Falling In Love with Strangers

Come and enjoy this intriguing piece!!

A Writer's Soul

I find myself falling in love with the strangers I meet.
The allure they hold over the treasures they conceal,
That lay at the bottom of the oceans of their heart.
We meet in the strangest of ways,
At the bus stop, in the trails of the park we both wonder,
From places I’ve never been, and they find their way to me still.

They leave marks hidden in my skin,
Their fingerprints stained on my heart.
Their chains wrap around me, locked in infatuation and lust.
Each stranger exists in the hollows of my heart,
An enigma wrapped in love’s reasoning,
And I find solace comfort in the unknown of our connection.

Kiss my skin, your lips tell me the tales of forgotten love,
Whisper sweet nothing in my ear, and I’ll tell you anything you need to hear,
Give me the affection I crave, and I’ll give you…

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