Come read the message in Piya’s – “Tenacious”

Piya Delineates

You Dream of Accomplishment.

You Dream of Success.

But the fulfillment is in the hand of fate.

But at the end all you have

Is the hard work,you did.

The lessons you learnt.

If its meant to be for you,

It shall surely be Achieved.

Else remember There is something great in store,

Yet to be Delivered.

So work hard, Hit the ground hard.

But never Surrender.

For regret and guilt is very long to carry.

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Come see how Angela uses silver tongued brushes to paint – “Landscapes”

Heart Breathings

I sometimes paint landscapes with silver-tongued brushes,
using a palette made of sand

pigments extracted from fruits of hope,
each stroke with an unsteady hand

I sometime paint landscapes with silver-tongued brushes,
eyes closed as I take it all in

possibility unfolding behind wishful lids,
planting seeds deep within

I sometimes paint landscapes with silver-tongued brushes,
and watch as they wash away

sometimes hope goes only so far,
and seeds don’t see light of day

I sometimes paint landscapes with silver-tongued brushes,
they the predator, and I the prey

-image via Tumblr, original artist unknown

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Unravel My Gift

Come and read this elegant and sensual piece with the invitation – “Unravel My Gift” by this masterful poet!

Midwest Fantasy Writes

whisper softlyWhisper softly

into my ocean eyes of blue

trace every line and curve

with fingertips of an artist


a treasured piece of beauty

unravel me

thread by thread

with every erotic pleasure

you know

until raw lust

opens before you

like a gift




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