Happy New Year

Come and read Jerry’s ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions!!

Jerry Brotherton

Ok ladies and germs. 2018 is just over the hill and it is never too early to be thinking about the dreaded resolutions. I have never really made resolutions in the past. Partly because I know I won’t stick with them and mostly because I pretend to be cool like ‘The Fonz’. But here is my list anyway and this year I resolve to follow them until at least the 4th.


I’ll join the runners at the starting line

I will clean those pantry shelves

Make a promise to spend more time

Creating a healthier self

Throw away all the junk food

Maybe head down to the gym

Eat less, walk more

And make my body slim

I will learn a new language

Maybe how to knit or crochet

I will put away all my pennies

To save for a rainy day

I’ll quit smoking and cussing

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