I Had a Dream

Come read this wistful and fun piece – “I Had A Dream”

Moonlighting Scrivener

I danced in the rain again yesterday,

Without you there to tell me it was silly.

I let down my hair and set myself free.

Shouting in joy, willy nilly.

As each drop streamed down,

Tracing it’s path along me,

From head to toe,

I felt alive again,

Devoid of sorrow and all woe.

I even drank coffee at night!

Followed by a glass of wine,.

Because, why not,

There were no more rules,

Since I am no longer thine.

And then,

I took a book with me to bed

Without you dictating the words I read.

And after I exhausted myself

Doing everything I used to love,

No longer on the rack,

I went to sleep, long and deep.

(Not before gorging on a midnight snack)

But what do you think happened next?

Because I still cannot possibly believe.

For, wonder of all wonders can be,

I’m quite sure…

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