Life is a Collection

Come see how are lives become collections in Dwight’s “Life Is A Collection”

Roth Poetry

Russian DollsLife is a Collection

From birth announcement to death certificate

Life is a collection of items saved or tossed

Valued pieces set aside and preserved

Carefully kept along with memories

Bronzed shoes remembering first steps

Crayoned pictures from primary school

A red heart with an “I love you mom!”

Certificates in a box mark accomplishments

Cards from special people for special occasions

Jewelry passed down from mother to daughter

Memories of Grandmother reading stories

Trips taken, cups and teaspoons collected and saved

Photos in the family album now transferred to digital

Grandmother’s china carefully set for special occasions

A box of keepsakes valued only by me

A pocket knife, a baseball card, cufflinks, a bowtie

Memories soon to be forgotten by those coming after

Preserved history like the rings on a tree

Soon to be cut down and chipped into paper

Recording their memories of the future


Photo of the Russian…

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Love You More Than Myself

Come read Frank’s great post – “Love You More Than Myself”

Frank Solanki

It took some time to realise

I finally reached the point

Where I understood what is really important

I need the blood in my veins

The beat in my heart

And you in my life

I love you more than I love myself

Fate has brought us together

Left us to chart our own path

We’ll break these chains and fly away

Have I ever been so sure?

Have I ever been so selfless?

Have I ever dreamed before?

I love you more than I love myself

Time is passing us by

There is not much to waste

Let us not spend a moment apart

Take my hand and walk with me

Take my heart and breathe with me

Take my soul and stay with me

I love you more than I love myself

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What I Know About Soul Mates

Come read “What I Know About Soulmates” by Ashley from a different angle

Ashley Jacyln


In my earlier days, I used to think of soul mates as a connection that could only be accurately depicted in a Nicholas Sparks novel. In my teens and twenties, I was on a quest to find my one and only true love. I thought that there was one perfect person out there that would complete every single part of me.

I was sure that we would meet, fall in love, marry and have the most perfect life together.  My endless search for my perfect person would finally end and I would magically be happy for the rest of my life…

All I had to do was find him.

But by the time I was about to graduate from my twenties, I began to realize that I might have been wrong about my quest to track down my one perfect person.

I had two major relationships in my twenties and…

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