To my family of followers and friends I’m wishing you the best Christmas ever and a Holiday season filled with love, joy, happiness and cheer with the ones you love and care about most!!

I’m taking some days away from WP with the one I love most and will see you on the other side of Christmas!  When I will be answering all the comments, if any. Ha!

Feliz Navidad
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Come read Nirja’s beautiful poem – “You”

Beans, Pen & Nirja

The feelings which come to me when I see you

I can’t remove my eyes from your innocent face

you are so special to me

you are the light of my life, you are precious to me

I m wordless to express my feelings towards you

You talk about feelings

touch life and look into eyes, understand me

thank you for each moment’s happiness you brought to me

In you, I have found the essence of life

I have found someone who cares me, make me laugh

and brings me lots of joy and happiness

there is something in you, something very special in your eyes

Which makes me close to you every moment

you are my life, and everything

Just a silent talk to you

makes my each moment beautiful


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The Value of Forming Organic Friendships

Come learn how to be open to those unexpected relationships – friends

Writing With Hope


Walking along the beach one day, my 15-pound Jarkie (Japanese Chin/Yorkie mix) immediately took to Molly, a Tibetan Terrier. Abigail my 5-pound Japanese Chin was a little more aloof because that’s just her personality and, by default unfortunately, Chins take a while to warm up to people – or other dogs – they don’t know. Just like dog breeds have natural disposition and personality quirks, it goes the same for humans.

On that walk along the beach I immediately took to Melanie, Molly’s owner. She was sweet, honest, willing to listen, open to forming new friendships, and she was 65 years old. Ever since, we’ve walked every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We met the month I got pregnant and walked throughout my pregnancy, and we’ve continued to walk after my daughter was born. Melanie’s an no-nonsense Jewish woman who’s lived an interesting life full of old school gender roles, sexism…

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A Theme for a Dream

Come read how some special someone can make you feel like dreaming!

Moonlighting Scrivener

I’ve always feared to dream a dream

Only to watch it fade away with the morning sun.

I’ve always been betrayed by dreams

That seemed more fickle then a passing desire.

I’ve always heard with wistful sighs

People romancing their dreams as life passed me by.

I’ve always thought they’d pale away

Under the searing purge of reality.

So never before have I dared to dream

Be it with my eyes opened or closed.

Did you have any clue of my depravity?

Because I met you today and you smiled at me

And tonight,

Tonight, I feel like dreaming.

PS: Have you ever heard Cliff Richard’s ‘A theme for a dream”? If you haven’t yet, please do! It comes highly recommended 😊

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