To Those Who Wait

Come learn how to turn the frustration of waiting into the Gift of Slowing Down!!

Erica Goss

P1020620 Altar with candles and holy water at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

I was an impatient child. I wanted everything, all the time, right now. Each year before Christmas, my impatience flared into full-blown anxiety, complete with stomach cramps, shallow breathing, and sleepless nights. Once I overheard my mother telling my father, “Christmas is too hard for Erica.” The anticipation was overwhelming for me, to the point of panic.

Waiting is hard. In our hyped-up, stressed-out world, waiting is not something we look forward to. Waiting in line, waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting for a response or a phone call or the right opportunity or the right person – these are associated with frustration, delay, and wasted time.

On Saturday, I had the wonderful experience of co-leading a group of women in an Advent retreat. Held at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Eugene and titled “Waiting With Mary,” we focused…

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