Come are read this beautiful piece on – “Eyes”

Beans, Pen & Nirja

The fact that lies behind everyone’s eyes is something which can neither be predicted nor can be left unquestioned. It is something you can never get rid off and you always wander around.

The truth behind unspoken eyes , gloomy eyes , which sometimes makes you curious and sometimes you are scared of those eyes. Those eyes want to tell a story. The unspoken gloomy story faced by those beautiful yet mysterious eyes.

Eyes, the most beautiful on its own means and looks. One affords to lose its tears from eyes for some unexpected reasons and circumstances. Even though a curve in a humans’ face strengthens everything with closed eyes. We experience the most of our beautiful moments and sad events with our eyes.

Eyes, a beautiful yet mysterious, one can never get rid of …………538287_477092175639971_405113303_n

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