By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Prefer A Sheet
Of White
When I Take
My Pen
And Start
To Write 

I Love To See
The Ink Soak In
On Paper Smooth
As Silky Skin 

And As The Words
Form In My Head
I Write Them Down
In The Color Red 

Scribbled Lines
On Paper Pages
Given A Life
To Live Through
The Ages 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Inspirational credit to DavyD’s “Space” for sparking my comment on

14 thoughts on “PAPER PAGES

  1. I like this Chuck and glad my poem planted the seed. It is the New Age question, what’s best, pen and ink or the keyboard and screen? Maybe something to discuss in the New Year.

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    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed this! I have a collection of blossoms from your seeds of inspiration!!

      Yes, I think this is a great topic for one of your question posts on your blog and The Cafe. I use both and like both but there is something spiritually satisfying about writing (printing) with a pen! On the other hand a computer seems to work much better if you are in a stream of consciousness groove. I love these as they have a way of almost writing themselves!!!

      Make this into a question post!!!

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    1. Somehow I doubt it but I find for me that using a computer keyboard helps to stay in the stream of consciousness of the writing process. I can’t write on paper as fast as I can type. 50wpm. One of only 3 guys in the typing class when it was only for girls. Besides I can close my eyes and type! Ha!
      Different wheels that get you there eventually?

      Thanks for your great comment!!

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        1. Ha! Twilight Zone moment! That’s exactly where I am right now and where I write too. I have my journal just to the right of me just in case I get tempted to put pen to paper!

          Best Wishes to you and yours for 2018! Oh, just looked at that year and realized this is going to be a big birthday number for me. Wishing I didn’t have to cross that threshold! LOL!
          Blessings to You,

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            1. So glad to hear that! I’ve been lucky likewise to feel great with no aches and pains and hoping to keep it that way! Ditto on the weight! So did you graduate HS in 65 or 66. 66 for me!
              Have a Great Happy New Year’s and let blow out 2018?

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