First Time We Met 

Come follow the love at first sight encounter through falling in love and then separating. Don’t miss this.


First time we met,

I did not believe my eyes,

It was like I was at an intersection,
Of reality and sleepy dreaming.
And I knew I wanted to be with you,
Not knowing that you too wanted to be with me.

The first time we held each other,
In my arms you melted.
And molded yourself against me.
We twined tight against each other,
Like creepers and trees,
In the cool Mt Kenya rainforest .
I knew then that you were real.

The first time that we kissed,
We shared passions and hopes,
Of being together one day.
And told the stories of the future.
A future of sitting at the porch in love,
As our grandchildren dance before us,
And love spread out around us.
The first time we shared a bed,
We made pure and fulfilling love.
Love that linked us together,
In spirit and in emotion.

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