By Charles Robert Lindholm

Denuded Flowers
A Stark Witness
Of A Summer Season

As Autumn
Slips Under
Winter’s Blanket
Of Snow
That Mother Nature
Covers Us With 

And We Dream Of Seasons
Past That Were
Filled With Love
And Blossoms
In The Sunshine
Of Love
And The Tenderness
Of Gentle Breezes
And Soft Warm Rain 

Vivid Colors
Were A Proof Of Life
To My Soul
And The Touch Of Spring
Is A Treasured Memory
Of My Heart
That It Will Not

And Through
The Dreamy Blur
Of Winter’s

My Heart
And Soul
Have Hope
And Faith 

In The Love
And Joy
That Lies
In The Future 

And In The New
Life And Love
That Will
Find Me 

The Return Of Spring  

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspirational credit to Sue Vincent’s – “Vulnerable # midnighthaiku


9 thoughts on “SPRING WILL RETURN

  1. Gosh, I love the image of ‘denuded flowers’ and
    “As Autumn
    Slips Under
    Winter’s Blanket“

    You use the seasons so beautifully as a metaphor for reflections of life. I get a sense you are a sentimental and wistful soul Chuck, but a positive and joyful one too!

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    1. Ahhh, Rachel your comments are melting my heart and making my words want to throw a party!!!
      Now, You are being the one to be so lavish with your praise. You are making me blush – doesn’t look good on a guy! I loved that “denuded flowers” too, especially with the photo did you see it on the blog post? Yes, I do love the metaphor of the season for life, sort of like the circle of life.

      So, how easily you have come to know me, Rachel?? Only because you are so perceptive and I feel you too are a sentimental and wistful soul too. I guess I’m a romantic too and you probably are too? Yes? No?. Not always so positive, the proof is in my 2017 Archives.

      I have been told to my face, by a friend at one of our poet’s meetings here, “You write like a Girl”. Needless to say, I was quite surprised, no actually shocked, (that’s a tease and a taunt you hear in junior high on the baseball field – You throw like a girl. never made to me, but you get the idea) so I asked, “so is that a bad thing?” And she replied, “No, I wish I could write like that” I guess it is a fair comment as I often do write using the female voice/point of view!!

      Anyway, I am so honored that you read the sense of me so well!! Not sure I’m that good at doing that.
      Well, Is this a Yes or a No for the book?
      Have a happy weekend, Rachel


    1. Oh, really? Then I shall have to see if I can get my Muse to bring me more of them. I will tell her I have a special request!

      I love to write about seasons too. I think I like the transition times. Thank you so much for your consistent views and comments. They are so appreciated!!

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