By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Someday I will die
and so will you
but here’s what
we should do 

Let’s avoid
and learn
to live in
the Now

We’ll stay
one step
ahead of Someday
in anyway
we can

We will make
this certainty of life
a game of
catch me if you can 

We’ll stretch
out our today’s
and procrastinate
the arrival of Someday 

Someday we will die
but the where and when
and how will remain
an unknown
matter of timing,

if we are lucky 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational credit to David Bruce’s “Someday I Will Die

2 thoughts on “A MATTER OF TIMING

  1. “Memories of when the days passed by without me even being able to say goodbye
    even now speak to my heart

    I won’t forget

    I’ll change the memories of the love I was lucky
    to come across into stardust
    It’ll shine in my heart no matter what
    I want to protect the message of the starry sky forever
    Your kindness was a present, thank you from my heart.” -Misia “Ginga” (銀河)

    “We cannot avoid the scene called the farewell.
    But through this, it makes me stronger.

    If we didn’t meet that day, I wouldn’t have known you.
    It’s obvious but, I’m happy for that kind of coincidence.

    I have to go now.
    Time to say goodbye with the greatest smile.

    We will become stronger with each parting.
    If I close my eyes, we can always meet.

    These warm memories are always in my heart.
    Your smile made me remember those pure feelings.” -Kokia “Time To Say Goodbye”

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