Inside the Scribbler 

Come and see if you are an innovator of scribble in “Inside The Scribbler”.

Invincible Verses

I’m a fabricator

A creator of illusions

Wishful imagination

that does not have a

shut off valve

In and out of the rush

Inside the blinking

castles in the air

I’m a architect of phrases

A vivid storyteller

Dreaming of what

does not exist

A innovator of scribble

Fantasy maker

submerged with words

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Don’t Settle For A Boring Kind Of Love

Come and make sure you “Don’t Settle For A Boring Kind Of Love”

Discovering Your Happiness

Hello loves, ❤

Maybe someone fooled you and told you that you can’t find a passionate love without heartbreak. Maybe someone told you that you have to pick someone who’s not your type because you can’t have it all. Maybe someone actually convinced you that love is boring and it’s only exciting in the beginning.

I firmly believe that love is not boring but the wrong relationship is.

When you date someone just because you’re lonely or when you convince yourself that someone is right for you just because they happen to love you a lot more than you love them. The routine, getting used to each other’s bad habits, spending too much time together, fighting or running out of things to talk about are all part of the package. Because it’s really not that much different from your relationship with your best friends, yet you never say you’re bored…

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