Come read “Goodbyes” and what you need to know about them.

Sarah Doughty

“Maybe it was naïve of me. To fall in love so quickly.”

Maybe it was naïve of me. To fall in love so quickly, but to keep you at arm’s length. The more time I spent in your presence, the more frightened I became. And even though it broke your heart every time, you still waited for me to come back. Until that last time. You closed that door and refused to unlock it for me ever again. It makes sense that you gave up on us, because I never really gave us a chance. I silently said goodbye long before you ever did. For all those times I failed to tell you how much you meant to me, I’m sorry. I was always better at running away than actually letting myself love completely. Implicitly. It was one of the hardest lessons I ever learned: If I say goodbye, I…

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Signs He Really Likes You

” You deserve love and you deserve someone who can give you the type of love you want.” – from “Signs He Really Likes You”

Debatably Dateable

Back over the summer I wrote an article about when a guy isn’t into you, now I want to talk about when a guy IS into you. I must admit, it should be very obvious so if you’re reading this because you’re not sure then whether he likes you or not, he doesn’t like you as much as you deserve. But anyways, first:

He tells you how he feels (like I said, super obvious). He’ll tell you how happy he is when he’s with you, he’ll compliment your humor, personality, talents, and looks, and he’ll text you randomly saying how something reminded him of you and he had to let you know.

Of course, some fu*kboys are all talk and will tangle your heart with words about ‘our future’ and ‘what will we name our babies’. But then they only want to hang out at 3AM after they went out…

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