Beauty in the Broken

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Lynns ceramic

Brokenness is another way of reinventing ones self. Sometimes when the hard knocks of life shatter our plans for the future destroying our self-image, it helps to realize that this is not the end, but rather the beginning of new and greater things.

Beauty in the Broken

Look for beauty in the broken

For out of the shards of glass

Comes a beautiful mosaic

More spectacular than the original…

A healing of brokenness

Forever cemented together…

The pieces of anticipation

Broken, yet whole once more


Ceramic Mosaic: Lynn Carmichael

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7 thoughts on “Beauty in the Broken

            1. Ha! Likewise for me, My Friend! It does feel a little weird when that happens though. At least it does for me. Sort of akin to laughing at one’s own joke? I do love it when I’m commenting on a beautiful work and it inspires me in the comment. It helps to keep the paper and screen from being blank.

              See my post for 12-11-2017 “Paper Pages” and Davyd’s reblog of “Space” same day. This is exactly what happened! I love it when a seed of inspiration springs out of someone else’s work, in whatever way, and then blooms into a beautiful blossom of a poem!!

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