Letting Go Is Not The Same As Giving Up

Come and learn “Letting Go Is Not The Same As Giving Up”!!

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Letting go is not quitting. It’s not giving up. It’s not failing. It’s simply understanding that some endings are sad for a little while but they lead to a happy one and some goodbyes are hard for some time until they steer us to better beginnings.

Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t know how to keep things or make things work. It doesn’t mean that you like inconsistency or instability. It simply means that you can’t win everything no matter how hard you try because some things are not meant to be yours. You won’t win every prize. You won’t always be number one and that’s a blessing because sometimes we focus too much on winning that we forget what we’re really going after. We focus too much on getting what we want without really probing if it’s really the best thing for us. We try to…

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