By Charles Robert Lindholm 

I keep secrets and memories
buried deeply in my heart
the ones I treasure most
locked away from my mind
and soul so they feel no pain
or regrets about the past 

My heart is very careful
about the memories
it releases to be in
the dreams I have
at night 

These memories
are closely guarded
to ensure they don’t
disturb my reality
and the reason I
rarely remember dreams 

But some memories
are stronger than most
and have a burning desire
to be heard
and to be known
by the world

They’ve heard of memories
that have escaped
from my heart
and found
a Reluctant Poet
in my soul
that helped them
become free
by putting them
into poems
with ink and paper
and sent them
out into the world
beyond the reaches
of my heart 

They have
become Memories Gone Rogue
living a life that has
become their own 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by “At A Loss Of Words” by Yazzeus on

9 thoughts on “MEMORIES GONE ROGUE

    1. I’ve tried but they hide in the shadows and between the lines and the spaces that the darned old reluctant poet put them in. I’ve reported them missing but the poetry police say there is nothing I can do once they’ve been put down on paper and sent out into the world!!! I’m trying to save some reputations, including mine, so be advised there have been breaches in my heart’s security!


  1. This inspired me because often when i am halfway asleep or i daydream , i call those dreams false memories and the part
    “the ones I treasure most
    locked away from my mind
    and soul so they feel no pain
    or regrets about the past ” had an inpact on me because somehow when i keep these false memories in my mind for too long they get damaged they are not beautiful anymore and this poetry reminded me of this and it reminded me i shouldn’t abuse their beauty . Reasons i should daydream less..

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and taking the time with my words! I’m so glad this spoke to you. We should try and preserve the beauty and reality of our dreams and daydreams. I would ask that you write down your daydreams before you decide to discard them as not worth saving or thinking about again. You might think differently after letting them sit and simmer a day or two. Just something to consider.

      Perhaps, you might want to use some of the words from my poem that stirred your soul as a little seed of inspiration for something new and wonderful from you???
      Thanks again for commenting!

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      1. I am not quite sure how am i supposed to use someone else’s words .. but that would be very pleasing for me to describe whats in my heart in this new way.. thank you again; this exchange of comments got big smiles on my face and my heart warm again. Thank you

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        1. I had to step away. Sure, this would be like writing from a word prompt. So, one of my works “Tempted” was written from the word prompt “tempted or maybe temptation” – check that one out from my archive. This is an example of a seed of inspiration. With word prompts they give you a word. You can do the same thing on your own by watching for key words and phrases that move you and use them like a word prompt. One of these I did recently was “Memories Still Burning” It was inspired by Embers – inspirational credit given at the bottom of my work.

          So you can take one word or a very short phrase and use it as a seed of inspiration to write your own new work. Why don’t you try this by choosing one or a few words from the four lines of mine that you liked and write about that thought?

          Glad you have enjoyed our exchanges!

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