Perfect Partners

Come read of one way to split time between reality and being a poet.

Writing and Reflections

mark and michele (2)

He watches as I slip away

each afternoon, keeping time

with the afternoon sun

as it dips below the horizon

Such is our routine

I disappear…completely

into a world set to its own soundtrack

I dance with my muse

as she reveals the day’s secrets

He is satisfied to wait

as I wander the walls I’ve built

Witness to the images I conjure

from words that haunt my mind

Exceptional, our routine

And when I fight my way back,

when I release this energy and return

exhausted and spent,

he is there to pull me back to a safe place

We turn up the music and dance

Celebration, as is our routine

photo: mine

prompts: OctPoWriMo, #BentHalos, #WyldeVerse, WordPress Daily Post

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