By Charles Robert Lindholm

If you asked me what I do
I might give you some
variations on a theme
that would let you know
the label that best fits me
best in the eyes of others

but if instead you asked me
“How do you see yourself?”
the most honest answer
I could give you is
I’m a Painter at Heart

You might laugh
and think that’s funny
coming from someone
who has taken the Moniker
“The Reluctant Poet”

And, I would laugh
with you
because being a poet
is viewed and understood
by almost everyone
as a writer

Someone who puts down
words on paper
and that is true
and not wrong

But that is not
the real truth
of what a poet is,
someone who scribbles
on paper with a pen

A poet is and can be
many things with
the words we use

We use
the magic in words
to transport you
into fantasy and darkness
we help you feel
the warmth
of a morning sunrise
and the fragrance
of a blooming rose

We use
words that hurt
and words that heal
the hearts of readers
like you

We use
words that paint
the skies blue
or stormy with clouds
or beautiful flowers

words that can
take you back
to your sweetest
moments in life
with joy and lullabies
or scare you out of your wits

We use words
to make you hear music
and feel the passion of love
and the joy and contentment
of having a soulmate for life

We use words
to dream up new worlds
and help others
through the world
they are having to
live with in reality

Words we use
have power and purpose
they reach into your heart
and into your soul

Your eyes
open the door
to our words
to the thoughts
and feelings
the hurts and happiness
and the love and joy
we want to share with you
and we are so thankful
that you let us
and that you come back
and read us again

We are many things
a wordsmith, a wordweaver
a writer, a sculptor with words
and a painter who uses words

My goal is to paint a sky of blue
with fluffy white clouds
so even the blind can see

I am
A Painter At Heart

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspirational credit to Vivan Zems and her description of herself
and Paul F. Lenzi from his “No One Else
Please take a visit to Paul Lenzi’s blog – RIP Dear Paul
No One Else
Many thanks to Paul’s Family for keeping his blog active as a gift to the WordPress Community and a Tribute to Paul Lenzi and his works!!  Bless You!

5 thoughts on “A PAINTER AT HEART

    1. Vivian, sorry I didn’t get a link to you when this posted! Mrs. Sandman was very strident about coming to bed and it slipped by, so much so that I left off the title?? Anyway, I’ve fixed the title and I hope you accept my apology for not getting the link to you on time!

      I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to read your description of yourself! It was so utterly wonderful I read it over about 3 times. I just love it. Wow, it reminded me of the way I usually feel when I write and also how I see myself too. Thank you so much for your fantastic words of inspiration that inspired this piece! You now have some Poetic DNA in this too!!!

      It is so wonderful to see you!!! I have our friend, Mr. Militant Negro to thank for reblogging your “Twilight” for getting me to notice your “description box”. Don’t know why I never noticed that on any of my reads of your works before???

      I do hope you are pleased with how your seed of inspiration bloomed???

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