Legacy ~ #OctoberWriting #poetry

Please come and read this beautiful description of the poet’s process of writing that leads to your own “Legacy”. Check out Dorinda’s other great works.

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Pen to the paper

Lines that I scribble

Fall slowly, my mind

Starting to dribble

A trickle of ink

A blotch full of letters

That turn into words

Somehow much better

Than leaving the paper

Barren and white

This is my legacy

At the end of the night

Writing Prompt: Scribbles and Dribbles – Day 27/31

©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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Say, “I Love You!”

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn/re-learn why you should not ever pass up an opportunity to “Say I Love You”. Come check out Dwight’s site.

Roth Poetry


No one expects this day to be their last. When we go to work we expect to return. When we leave on a trip we plan to return home again.  But nothing in life is certain. The concert goers in Las Vegas did not expect the tragic events they encountered. I say all this to emphasize how important it is to remember to express our love to those around us every day. We never know when it will be our last.

I Love You

Don’t let a day go by without love

A word a smile a touch

Given over and over again

Like you favorite song it never grows old

Don’t let a day go by without love

One never knows what is to come

Breath takes only seconds to leave

The soul takes rise the body and is gone

Say I love you with a smile

Don’t let a…

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Fall in the Woods

Come read “Fall In The Woods” and see if you are transported into the fall of your childhood!

Roth Poetry

Dwight with bird house from Lauralville 001

Growing up playing in the woods all summer was wonderful. We ran over the trails and played Cowboys and Indians, Davey Crockett, and Daniel Boone. We had no video games or smartphones. We spent our days in the outdoors. I hope you will bear with me for reposting this bit of nostalgia. I posted it last year and will probably post it again next year. Perhaps you can picture the changes in our woods as fall came on each year. This is where I grew from a child into a teenager at Masontown, Pennsylvania.

Fall in the Woods at Masontown

I can still remember, like it was yesterday
Fall in the woods at Masontown

Cold weather closed in early
Leaves in the woods
Turned shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown
What was once a lush green woods
Filled with green hollow stemmed weeds
Now becomes blanketed
With a soft silent coating of leaves

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After All These Years, Why Now?

Come feel the awkward scene for yourself “After All These Years, Why Now?”


If not in a decade, then, why now?
I asked to no one in particular when your car pulled over in front of my house.

You can do it, you can do it!
I chanted in my head when you knocked on my door.
I opened the door to flash a fake smile,
Quite similar to what you have been doing, standing there for a while.

The deafening silence,
Everything full of pretense.
I didn’t know we could be so awkward, too!
The chance to reconnect, I was definitely not looking forward to.

Between fancy restaurants and fine dining, we are pretending to be okay.
But we are not,
And we will never be, again!

Now, we are sitting at our table, making small talks like we are just a bunch of regular people.
But we are not,
And we will never be, again!

I look around and everyone is…

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