Autumn’s Scenery

Come read Colley’s wonderful and colorful “Autumns Scenery”. Expose your senses to Autumn.

Colleen Kelbert


Autumn is here…

with a crispness in the air.

And your breath lingers there.

Leaves are turning..

many colours to be found.

Lingering on the ground.

Only to be picked up by

a brisk breeze.

Fires are burning…

Wafts of smoke plume, airborne.

Following maples bright laden bough.

Ice-rain collects on these now.

The earth softens, rests from toil.

Whiteness is seen…but not enough

to winter the scene.

Wetness drenches everything…

Autumn is here…

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Dorinda Duclos: She’s a Poet and You Should Know It!

Come read Phil Taylor’s great post “Dorinda Duclos: She’s A Poet And You Should Know It”. Let Paul tell you what all Dorinda has been up to lately!

The Phil Factor

Dorinda Duclos is one of my favorite poets and blogger. Do you know the word prolific? Dorinda is prolific. New poems appear on her blog daily. Some are beautiful, some are poignant, some are clever and funny. I’m envious of her ability to create so much good so often. She also has a gift for matching the perfect picture with each poem.

She is also the author of the WordPress blog, Night Owl Poetry, and has amassed a following of fellow poets, writers and artists, and is highly recognized in social media. You should definitely follow her. She is a member of the Poetry Society of America and the Academy of American Poets, as well as a guest writer on

She is also involved in “Poets for Peace”, a collaboration of poems from poets around the world. This collaboration will also be archived in the ‘Stanford University Archive’…

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Lenzi on Self-Publishing

Come learn about self-publishing and how Paul did it and you can too! “Lenzi On Self Publishing”

Poesy plus Polemics


A couple of my followers have inquired about my methods of self-publishing, so I thought I’d offer some information here for anyone’s interest. Please note, however, that I have no special knowledge or expertise beyond my own recent and still unfolding experience.

When I retired 10 years ago, I started writing poetry with some regularity. There came a point when I had lots of poems and wanted to attempt their publication, beyond my own blog. After forays into the frustratingly slow submission and declination routine, regarding the major conventional publishers, I ran out of patience and decided to try self-publishing.

Last year, I explored numerous indie and corporate platforms, including Lulu and Smashwords. I found the mere process of investigating these resources rather daunting, because there is a plethora of different services, costs, hooks and terms. So, too, appeared to be their varying rates of success and user satisfaction.


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