Autumn’s Scenery

Come read Colley’s wonderful and colorful “Autumns Scenery”. Expose your senses to Autumn.

Colleen Kelbert


Autumn is here…

with a crispness in the air.

And your breath lingers there.

Leaves are turning..

many colours to be found.

Lingering on the ground.

Only to be picked up by

a brisk breeze.

Fires are burning…

Wafts of smoke plume, airborne.

Following maples bright laden bough.

Ice-rain collects on these now.

The earth softens, rests from toil.

Whiteness is seen…but not enough

to winter the scene.

Wetness drenches everything…

Autumn is here…

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5 thoughts on “Autumn’s Scenery

    1. Well, thank you so much for visiting! I am very honored that he follows my blog. It seems you are very lucky in a Father-in-law and landlord! Please be sure to pass along my appreciation and thanks! I hope you will find my words worthy of your time and they will tempt you to follow???? Ha!


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