By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Am I wanting you more
than you want me?
Is that the way it
has to be
to make you
in control
the peacock
the sun
to my moon? 

Would I lose you
if I didn’t love you more?
would you gravitate
to another
newer lover? 

People are different
but if I want you more
than you want me
aren’t we out of equlibrium? 

And if I want you more
than you want me
doesn’t that create a yearning
a desire that will need to be filled? 

And if it’s not filled by you
then who?
or must I remain
wanting you more

and still being hungry? 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm
Inspired by Grant Fenton’s “Will It Make You Want Me More?

4 thoughts on “AM I WANTING YOU MORE?

    1. Well, my friend you made mine by leaving me a seed of inspiration! I’m so happy this brought you joy! Your piece was very inspirational to me. Now you have some poetic DNA on something other than just your own works.

      I have found watching out for little words and phrases that hit me has led to more than a few poems. I keep a Word Bank for these little gems.

      Thanks for the wonderful comment!!!


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