Saying Adios, Dad

Please come read the wonderful post “Saying Adios Dad” and read how it is we change in our relationships with parents over our lifetime.

Charmed Chaos

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He floated freely through life, with the wind as his companion. Always free, never encumbered.” – Linda Lee Lyberg
Yesterday, I said good-bye to my father for the last time. And although he was never in my life much, there is a new emptiness I can’t decipher. Is it because I have a handful of memories, most of which include me feeling disappointed and him being, well, Bill Polley
Or is it because I forgot a long time ago the sound of his voice as he called my name?
My father was never apologetic for his actions; he lived his life as he saw fit.
In 1972, he saw fit to change his entire name from William Clark Polley to Anthony Joseph Pollizzio. I am still unsure why.

He leaves 4 women behind: myself, as his oldest daughter, my own daughter, my half-sister, and her daughter. We each have our…

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October is Guest Submission Month on Brave and Reckless

Please don’t miss this chance to submit a guest submission to the Go Dog Go Cafe and expose your writings to so many others!!

Brave & Reckless

I am looking for guest submissions to publish on Brave and Reckless during the month of October.  This is a great opportunity for both new and experienced writers to expose their favorite work to a new audience.  I am hoping to publish at least one of my favorite submissions daily during the month of October.

The Guidelines are simple!

  1. Send an email to me at  no later than midnight on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 containing the following:
    • Your favorite piece of original poetry, prose or flash fiction that you have written.  A link to its location on your blog is fine if appropriate.
    • suggested image (if you do not have an accompanying image on your blog)
    • brief biography including the name you write under
    • link to where you post your writing (blog, Facebook page, Instagram, etc.)
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