Love’s Labors Lost (revisited)

Oh, please come and read Christine’s wonderful poem on letters, cards and momentos from the past and what they mean to your soul in “Loves Labor’s Lost”. Maybe you will be able to use this to explain to your Beloved, like I will, why you keep these things!

Brave & Reckless

she had moved many times in her life

not unexpectedly

some belongings became lost

were left behind


or on purpose

when they caused her pain

didn’t fit her life anymore

couldn’t be squeezed into the overstuffed car

before making her escape

boxes had been ruined in a basement flood

in Dominic’s house in Upper Darby

flotsam and jetsam from her previous lives

left waterlogged



she didn’t care overmuch about things

they were just things after all

but she lamented the lost photographs

the letters

the cards

from old friends

would-be lovers

and those she had passionately embraced

shared parts of her life

her heart

her bed

its wasn’t just the words themselves that she missed

though she longed to read them again

to hold objective proof of what had come before

of who she had been before

in a history gone hazy around the edges

remembered through the unreliable lens

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