By Charles Robert Lindholm 

There is no demarcation zone,
no welcome platform
where we can greet
with fanfare
the arrival
of the newest
and next
moment in time,

just sneaks up on us
with a peek-a-boo greeting
that somehow
always leaves us surprised
and excited
with the gifts of opportunities
and possibilities it brings 

It’s the anticipation
that makes it fun
and brings a smile to our face
It helps replace
some of the somber
and sad memories
of yesterday
that might
still linger 

But, Perhaps
I am wrong?

our greeting place
for all the wonderful
new Nows ahead
is in the fading darkness
of the night,
as dawn approaches
with a glow of light
across the horizon
as we sit
and wait
with glee,
watching the arrival
of a new day,
at sunrise
with all its – new Nows!  

here they come! 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by Sue Vincent in “Crossing The Stillness
There is no stile, no kissing gate to mark the crossing between the wonderland behind and the everyday world ahead –


4 thoughts on “THE GREETING PLACE

    1. Thank you so much, Sue for your lovely comment! But I think the real thanks is from me to you for leaving a seed of inspiration that grew in me into this piece of poetry. See how powerful and inspiring words – especially your words can be???

      Did you get my message in your Contact page? Please get back to me on that as yesterday was the start of fall and it would be great if I could begin my favorite season with a duet with You!!!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! You have made my words so very happy! They have never been called “Timely” before and they are absolutely gleeful to think of themselves that way.

      And you, My Dear have just earned a deposit into my Word Bank for linking this poem with the idea of an actual birth! How brilliant you are to make that connection and get that same feeling while you are waiting for your daughter’s first child. I guess the delivery room is a “Greeting Place” too!

      I wish you and her both all the happiness in the birth of her first child and a grandchild for you! Quite frankly, it is wonderful to hear of new life since lately there have been several passings in the lives of some of my WP friends. It is nice to be able to think of the start of the circle of life! Thank you so for giving that to me!!!
      Blessings to you both, My Dear!


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